Monday, June 9, 2014

Creative at school

I was just thinking about it, 
so i just had to write a bit about it.

So as I've told a million times now...
I study Games and Experience Technology at College.
And as I already new when I applied last year,
this would be totally different from high school,
and I can be so much more creative,
even tho I could use my creativity in the form of music
at my high school.

But it kinda just hit me now, how creative I actually is, and can be!
In every class we have, we are gonna make something.
Ether it is by programming, presentations or visuals.

There are few written exams and assignments, 
and if we get one, it's mostly manageable :P

The classes I have had this semester was:
Game Culture
Animation History
Intro 3D
Programming 3D games

In every class except Game Culture and Animation History 
we have ONLY been making stuff + Report.

And as I thought of it, the last couple of months, which we have almost only been
working with GameLab, I have spent days out and days in, making visuals for the game.

I was the "Art-Director" and "Sound-Director" for our game
and even tho I have other member of the group that also works with these kind of stuff
I kinda feel responsible.

I've been drawing, tweaking GUI code and spent hours on Photoshop.
Stuff I NEVER did before I started at College.
And but at the same time I don't feel like I'm creative enough, 
because I'm not "drawing" too much, even tho I draw much more that I did before.

I think a big reason for it, is that we always had to change things,
as the "executive committee"/teachers wants it.
But of course, that's how it's gonna be on the market, 
when I get a job! :O :D

I'm also learning for every change and tweak I have to make,
even tho it makes me angry, gives me a headache and
just makes me totally exhausted.

But again..
Because of this, it also motivates me.
It makes me what to do stuff better next time,
and also start my own projects, just where I can try and fail on my own, have no
deadline, and just have total artistic freedom.

Those I work with may think I don't appreciate the study too much
because I love my free time, and I use every opportunity to go to Trondheim.
But on the other hand, I try my best, I work as hard as possible.
And the reason I get cranky and angry is not because I don't care, 
but the opposite.
I just want our projects to be OURS, not the teachers.

So yea... 
I'm happy.
Even though this takes a lot of time and energy,
I feel like this kind of work is so much better and more "giving"
for me than reading and taking notes for the big exam.

And also, I get ALOT of prototypes,
which I can enjoy, see my progress, show to my friends and family,
and most important, show to future employers. :D

Sorry for a sudden long text-based post, but I just thought of it
and I just wanted to share it with you guys :D

Now it's finally summer vacation and I'm gonna relax but also work with arts and craft.
And just enjoy life until a new semester starts ;)


  1. Nice to hear that you enjoy the course! :-)
    " I just want our projects to be OURS, not the teachers." I know the frustration, but then again, the teachers simulate other future customers. Just have fun while it last, time goes too fast!

  2. Hello, I just love your blog so much! I started mine today, so I am a newbie in this cute world of bloggers, I hope you can check my blog and help me share my "world" ♥

  3. So glad you enjoy the course, it's so nice to be able to be creative on a daily basis. Happy for you~


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