Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cleaning days

Hi birdies!
Yesterday I was busy cleaning all of the basement floor at my dads house.
and then after dinner I just crashed on my bed sleeping for some hours, and where just chilling out the rest of the evening.

I'm gonna clean up a bit today too, I think xP OR I will just be chilling out
playing wildstar, since I actually just woke up xP

I like to hold myself active even tho I have vacation,
because I know, from last year, that I can end up spending my hole vacation,
only watching anime, and sleep xP

But we will see.. it's no stress, and I can do this cleaning thing like
every other day ;)

Hope you have a nice day and I write to you later ;)

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  1. I love to spend the break sleeping and watching anime :P it's my dream vacation haha

  2. Aww I worry about that too, I worry I'm not active enough and waste the holidays away~


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