Thursday, June 26, 2014

4th anniversary date :3

Didn't blog anything yesterday because I simply didn't bother :P

But on Sunday, me and Laze had our 4 year anniversary! 
Can't believe it's been 4 years already o_O :D

We had a little date on Tuesday, but first I got my stepmother to dye my hair at her work :D
So happy with the result :D the blonde ombre with the red is so beautiful :D

Me and Laze went to eat afterwards,
and then to the cinema :D

We Watched Le Manior Magique/Torden og Magi or Thunder and Magic which is the direct translation of the Norwegian title. 
It was a french children's animation movie, but we watched it in Norwegian.
Me and Laze often go watch children's movies, and I thought this movie was awesome :D :P

After the movie, my dad picked us up, drove us to Lazes place, where we packed ur stuff in a hurry, and went with my dad to his place :) Really nice to be at my own room too :D

Have no plans for today, but me and Laze is gonna play wildstar in the evening :)

Have a nice day :D

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