Sunday, June 29, 2014

My weekend

Hi guys! 
No Friday entry because, nothing was really happening xP
So I just didn't bother.

Well, nothing special to write to you guys now ether, but 
my weekend has been nice and I hope yours has been to.

On friday morning I went to my doctor, because I fainted last week and felt, dizzy, but she didn't find anything wrong with me tho :S She said it was blood pressure drop, or what I should call it, 
and that it was nothing unusual with that according to my age and etc.
I was so scared to go there, because I'm rarely sick, and I'm almost never at the doctors office.
But it went well and I survived the tests, so I'm proud and happy xP

When I got home I was just chilling out with the Chihuahuas Zara and Zita, and because Zita is pregnant I could feel one of her puppies in her belly :3 So strange and cute!

Me and Laze went to his place in the afternoon, and been there since. We have been babysitting his mothers dog, walked him, given him food and medicine. And he's the reason I've been up for over an hour already... Want to sleep!

But since I'm already up, I decided to blog, and Now I'm gonna play Wildstar :D

Hope you have a nice day :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

4th anniversary date :3

Didn't blog anything yesterday because I simply didn't bother :P

But on Sunday, me and Laze had our 4 year anniversary! 
Can't believe it's been 4 years already o_O :D

We had a little date on Tuesday, but first I got my stepmother to dye my hair at her work :D
So happy with the result :D the blonde ombre with the red is so beautiful :D

Me and Laze went to eat afterwards,
and then to the cinema :D

We Watched Le Manior Magique/Torden og Magi or Thunder and Magic which is the direct translation of the Norwegian title. 
It was a french children's animation movie, but we watched it in Norwegian.
Me and Laze often go watch children's movies, and I thought this movie was awesome :D :P

After the movie, my dad picked us up, drove us to Lazes place, where we packed ur stuff in a hurry, and went with my dad to his place :) Really nice to be at my own room too :D

Have no plans for today, but me and Laze is gonna play wildstar in the evening :)

Have a nice day :D

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Monday, June 23, 2014

ACNL Challenge: 27. You diving in the ocean

I always feel like I'm gonna ruin the joystick on my 3DS when I go diving and swimming, 'cuz I want to move faster :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

drawing and NO make-up!

Good day everyone!

Sorry for the absence since Tuesday, but I hope you liked my face care entry :D

Yesterday I finally began drawing again and I also finished the 8th season of House!
Can't believe it's all over now x'(

Added a photo from today for you guys since I've only been posting old photos nowadays xP
Risky taking photos without make-up, but I haven't been wearing make-up for a week now :P

Today I'm drawing more, working more with the Monstergirl Challenge :D
Should be out walking Lazes dog but it's raining outside :( May be a short walk.
I'm also watching Negima?! but since I'm working at the same time, I don't know exactly what's going on xP

Laze has his IT certificate exam this week, and poor him is working his ass of, so it's been rather quiet evenings the last couple of days.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Face Routene

So I figured out that I could show you which skin products I use :)

These products are those I been using a long time:
Clearasil Toner, Garnier Pure Active and Nivea Cleansing milk.

I liked the toner a lot, and it felt fresh and nice to my skin. 

Garnier PureActive is a wonderful product with 3 different uses. I love it as a scrub and a mask, but as a wash I felt it was a bit harsh. 
Nivea pure & natural Cleansing milk is great for dry skin, but I didn't feel like it was cleaning as good. So for the last weeks I used it I washed my face with another cleanser and then used pure & natural for a second moisturizing wash.

 Nowadays I'm using these three products from Formula 10.0.6.

Their toner "So totally clean" is the newest member of my collection in this series, and I think it works wonderful. It smells amazing, but because it contains perfume, and alcohol, to deeply cleanse problem skin, I wouldn't recommend this one for people with dry or sensitive skin.
"One smooth operator" is their scrub which I totally love!
I like the ingredients of it, the smell, the cute pink jelly look of it and its consistency. I think it worked pretty well, and my skin felt smooth and clean afterwards.
Their cleanser is "Best face forward", which I'm not gonna buy again. Most of it I like tho, the ingredients, smell, look of it, and the fact that it really cleans and removes make-up perfectly, which is really important for me since I really don't like make-up removers. BUT the drawback of it, which make me not buying it again is the consistency!  it says foaming cleanser, which I feel is bit of a lie xP
And the cleanser is almost liquidy! This makes the cleanser drip down my arms while applying, and you also loose half of the amount while squishing it out of the container, because it just flows away. It's almost like water, and I just really don't like it. If the consistency was more jelly like, I would love it :D

L'oréal Nude Magique CC Cream - Anti-Redness

 I bought this one after my BB cream got empty. I love products like this since I rarely use foundation. I wanted to try this since I really red cheeks and wanted a more unified skintone. I really like that this product has green pigments in it, as that works against redness. It also has nice coverage and all that, but I feel the color is a bit too dark. But overall I'm happy with it.

Sans Soucis Sensitive Eye Balm

I have a problem with thin and blue skin under my eyes. So I bought this by help from the girl a Vita. And actually I think it works! :O Pretty surprised actually xP I haven't used eye creams/balms before so I have no other experience, but the consistency is nice and creamy, and I really like it.

L'oréal Triple Active Fresh - Intensive moisturising gel cream

This cream I mainly use in the evening, since I use the cc cream or sunscreen during the day. I love that it's a gel cream which feels fresh and moisturising on my skin. Nothing more special about it. :P

Bio-Oil PurCellin oil

I've heard allot about Bio-Oil and after reading about all the ways you could use it, I was convinced to try it. Bio-Oil is a moisturising "non-oily" oil, which you could use to make scars and stretch marks less visible and get a more even your skin tone. Since I have allot of acne scars and pretty red skin on my cheeks, I wanted to try it out. I love it as it I can use it as an serum and moisturiser at the same time, I can mix it up with a bit of foundation for a more light and glowing coverage, use it on sunburned skin, fix frizzy hair or use on new plucked eyebrows against redness. It's written on the product that you should use it twice a day for about half a year to get the effect you want, and even tho I forget sometimes, and thinks that half a year is too long, I'm still satisfied with this product.

Vichy Capital Spoleil BB & Garnier Ambre Solarie

Last comes my two sunscreens that I use mostly on daily basis. I have two types; one Vichy BB cream spf 50 tinted cream, and one lighter spf 50 cream Sensitive advanced. I use the BB cream if I need some color in my face and to get some coverage. Unfortunately I think the tint is a bit too dark, and the cream is a bit too heavy and oily. I love the Garnier cream tho. It's light, good smelling, and feels moisturising without feeling oily. I use this mostly when my skin is working OK, when I can go out whit almost a naked face, for a natural style. Sadly I'm really bad at reapplying sunscreen since I'm mostly inside during the day, but I have a feeling that Garniers cream wouldn't be a problem to reapply compared to Vichy BB cream which most likely feel even more heavy, and you have to wear allot of powder on top.

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Morning :)

Sorry for  being silent this weekend,
but I was busy gaming :P

I played a lot of Facebook-games, Age of Empires,
and lots of WildStar! :D

Today I'm gonna draw, watch House, and take a little walk with my Laze's dog :D

I'm also gonna fix some blog entries, and figure out what I'm gonna do with the TOO long bangs 
on the new wig I got on Friday!
Gonna post pictures of it later :D

Have a nice day :)

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Drawing Class Part 1.

Finally I've gotten most of the drawings I delivered 
for my Drawing 2 Class this semester.

Those I didn't take pictures of (yes sorry I don't have a scanner),
where just rambelings, that we made in just a few seconds, 
so they were not interesting for you to see xP

I had to split this post up to 6 entries, 
because I realised I had 30 drawings I wanted to show you.
So that means 5 drawings for each entry.

So please enjoy :D

This is the final drawing I did. We where supposed to use all the element we have learned, and make a picture of movement. I hope one day I can digitize it ;) 

Exercise on facial expressions.

Excersise on expressions.

Model exercise.

Model exercise of Laze :)

So this was this entry's 5 drawings :)
Look forward to Part 2 :D

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Friday Morning

Good morning!

I was actually going to blog again last night but time just totally flew by, 
and suddenly it was in the middle of the night!

Me and my dad went to a small concert yesterday where my stepbrother where 
gonna play. He played the guitar and sang all by himself
and he totally blew my mind! 
SO proud! :D:D

God these kids are growing up fast xP

Later that evening I where just chilling out and watched Forrest Gump.
Love that movie!

I did not do any laundry yesterday because I got stuck working with future blog entries,
but I will do it now right away ;)

Gonna go to my boyfriends place today, and be there for a couple of days.
Gonna be a nice time :D

Again noo outfit photos this Friday, since I haven't dressed up at all this week,
just enjoyed my vacation at home :D

Have a lovely Friday :D

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dentist morning

Morning! :D

Well I've been up for about two hours already,
and also been to the dentist.

My appointment went well, but there was a kid there, that 
made a bit of a mess at the dentist office. he was crying, and 
couldn't decide if he wanted to be in the chair and go through the appointment or not xP
I felt so sad for the dad!

I have no plans today, but may be do some laundry, and play with the dogs :D

Last night, while I watched the movie I mentioned, little Zara, came to my room and where sleeping in my lap! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Now I'm gonna work with some future blog entries, and watch mid-day TV :P
Have a lovely day :D

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