Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wig Review

Last weekend I got a new package in the mail
and it was the wig I ordered from

(Click on the logo to check out their webshop!)

I have wanted a short wig for a while since I don't want to cut my own.
And since I love red and pink hair, and also had a similar
dip-dye like this myself before,
I totally fell in love with it.

This is the stock-photo from the webstore.

And this is what I got!
I also styled it a bit here with small twin-tails :D
I was so happy to get it, but also surprised right when I tried it on.

But first! the Packaging...
It game in a regular mail pack, a plastic bag and a light net that collected the wig.
I actually also got a wig cap, which is awesome since I've only used a homemade one
by old thighs :P

 So this is how the lacing looks like. I'm not that experienced with 
wigs, but it looked okay to me. ;)
It's also pretty big. I have a small head, but it doesn't move that much around, 
and if I feel it's a bit loose I can simply tighten it with the straps back of the wig.

So now to what which surprised me when I got it.
First of all it was short, like REALLY short!
I guess why I didn't notice this was that on the stock photo, we don't see the back, 
and that's were it's the shortest.

 Fortunately I feel it covers enough, and I just have to get used to it.
of course some of my blonde baby hair shows a bit, but I don't
get concerned about it, since it would appear like this even if it was natural ;)

 With camera flash.

Without camera flash.
I feel like the wig has a nice shine.
Not too much as it looks cheap, but enough to get a pretty "anime"-ish feel to it :P 

 The wig came with pretty distinct straight bangs, which is cool,
but I felt it looked more natural with the bangs more side swept ;)

 So all-in-all I'm pretty satisfied with it, and I think it grows on me :D
Now I've been wearing it for more than two hole days, and the only complain I have 
at the moment is that strains of hair and one time a bit too big bunch falls off.
But I've also had a bad habit of touching the back of the wig a lot because it feels so weird 
it's so short! :O xP

So that's it! I'm sure gonna buy more wigs in the future, because
this is super fun! :D

Hoped you liked it, and a have a lovely day <3


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