Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 22

Hi Guys!

So this was an exciting but exhausting week.
As I wrote on Twitter last Friday, my GameLab group
got to know that the deadline had been moved forward!
So we were gonna deliver today instead of next Friday.
We were a bit shocked but okay with it,
so this week we have been adding just the last
needed pieces, fixing bugs and writing documentation 
as Design doc. Work logs and Team Assessments.

These are my outfits for this week:




It's been super weather this week but I haven't cared to be
dressing up fancy.
First of all since I have been sitting inside a room working all day, 
or played World of Warcraft at home.
And second, I really need to do laundry xP

I don't like wearing shorts or skirts without thights,
and since almost everyone I had was in the laundry,
I just didn't bother, until today xP

So now we are doing the last finish of the game 
and making it ready for delivery!

I'm going to my dad today, which will be awesome,
Laze will be at our place tomorrow evening, 
and we will stay up all night (hopefully xP)
playing WildStar, since we pre-ordered it,
and got early access :D:D

Now it's only one exam left which is an home exam next week 
from Wednesday to Friday morning, 
so I hope that will turn out well, 
then I can take summer vacation! :D

Have an awesome Friday and Weekend
And I'll write to you later :D

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