Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 20

Hi guys! :D

I do not have much to tell other that I'm looking forward to summer now,
and that I drove to Trondheim on Wednesday.

Here is Tuesdays Outfit:

And Selfie :P

 Wednesdays Outfit:

and selfie:

I'm soon gonna go and have lunch with my dad, so I do not have much time :D

Tomorrow it's Norways national day, and I'm actually going to wear Lolita! :O
I have a coord inspired by our flag in mind :D
Hope the weather is on our side ;)

Have a super Friday evening :D


  1. Cute outfits~ Can't wait to see your Lolita co ord :D

  2. Hej!
    Just nu så kör jag veckans blogg hos mig. Var gärna med och delta!

  3. Vill du synas i min e-tidning och samtidigt ta chansen att vinna ett exklusivt hårvårdskit? Kolla in detta:

    :D Kram!


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