Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 19!

Hi my lovely readers!
So again, this week is soon over already,
but I haven't done much more than work actually :O

But I have some outfit photos and selfies for you :P

I haven't showed you jet but I got a French Manicure by my
step-mom last weekend, and I have been looking at them all week xP

It turns my hair naturally has a 80's feel to it xP
So I went all the way with a 80's high side ponytail :)
I also wore fake eyelashes, for the first time in forever! :O

On Thursday I went for twintails and curls, and fake lashes on both upper and under lash line.

I dressed up a bit yesterday, since I was going back to Trondheim.
my galaxy jumper form H&M, 
former Bodyline Lolita skirt, made as a miniskirt by me,
and shoes from Loli-Loli Paradise :D

Wore false eyelashes too, curls and a braid hairstyle :)

Today I'm going to visit a friend of mine, which I haven't seen since the beginning of last summer! :O
So exited! :D

Have a lovely day everyone! :D

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  1. You look so wonderful! I'm loving the hair especially (:

  2. Love the eighties look, haha it suits you. And I love your false lashes they make you look super adorable. c:

  3. Replies
    1. hehe, yea it's awesome! I got it at the childrens department of H&M ;)


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