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Tale of Solaris Review

(Photo: Walpaper of a female mage from

Company and Backstory

Tale of Solaris, former known as Tale of Laputa, is made by NGames Interactive Limited from Soul, South Korea. This is a internet browser-based MMORPG game where you fight against ghosts, demons, and bandits.The backstory is that there was demons who once ruled the continent of Laputa led by the Demon King Sardin. They summoned monsters who have led to death and destruction to the world. The human survivors received help from the great God Morias, and with new knowledge and skills they could destroy the monsters and leaving the demons empire Laputa in ruins. Now 500 years of peace have passed, and new villains have appeared, threatening to destroy this world of peace and order. The game is open for a lot of interactions with other players, and gameplay.


The fun factor of this game really relies on the player. We can classify this game as a children targeted game, and then a fun and easy introduction to MMORPG games. The same goes for beginners in the MMORPG genre, who likes this kind of artstyle and gameplay. This game can actually go from incredible fun to horrible boring from player to player, And we will see why through out this evaluation.

(Photo: screenshot from the character selection, from BBGstie Game Review)

Gameplay and Rules

To play this game you have to register, but the game is free except some in game goodies which you can purchase, by buying in game money for real money. When you start the game you choose between six classes: Warrior, Sniper, Mage, Priest, Wizard and Assassin, and you can choose between male or female, as seen above. The game starts with a simple tutorial explaining you most of the gameplay and the game in general, and have a nice transition to when you’re playing freely on your own. The gameplay moves with several quests, both main, and side quests, and you can easily click on the quest to move where you’re gonna do what the quest says. The quest usually have a lot of text when you get them, but you can easily complete them if you’re too lazy to read it all, with the clicking feature. Many easy ways to do things are appearing in this game, as sell or auction right from you Bag, and learn spells, do upgrades and repair without visiting any trainer or blacksmith.
The interaction between players are many, from simple chatting, sending gifts, to fight or marry others and etc.
You can also play in a championship, pet-fights or work at your little farm, as well as upgrading everything you have, from gems to zodiac signs. 

The rules are quite simple, do the quests, and do what the quests says. Other from that the game is really open, so the player can freely experience all the features it wants at any time.
Short said, this game has a lot of options!


The Game is mostly based on using your mouse, but in battles you can choose between 1-0 on the keyboard for attacks and defense moves. This is one reason the game sadly gets a little boring, because the players lack of action while playing.The battles can also be ran automatically, with "Repeat" or "Intelligent Battle". That way you don't have to fight manually when random battles appears.

Photo: Battle Scene, from BBGstie Game Review)


There's a lot of resources in this game it seems. You have typical MMORPG resources as, health, mana, EXP (experience points) and gold. But Tale of Solaris has also given a big effort to implement their own resources. Examples are pet loyalty, Ingot (special in-game money), bind Ingot, seal, and different kind of inventory stuff, as quest-items, potions, boosts, clothes, extra points, and etc.

(Photo: Graphics and interface, from BBGstie Game Review)


The graphics are a big thing in Tale of Solaris. They have been giving much thought about how every detail is pictured. The main style is cute and cartoony, with characters in a typical Anime style, popular for many east-Asian games and media. This also reflects on to whom this game is targeted for. Every window that pops up is perfectly design for it’s purpose, and game style, surroundings and decorations, too is a beautiful sight of view. But there is one point which destroys this beautiful and playful screen, and that is how they decided to show announcements, chat and extra links/buttons. The game can not be played in full-screen, only shown full in a browser, and when all these elements are showing, it can seem a bit chaotic.

Sound and Music

When it comes to sound, the game focuses on mainly music and some attack sound. The game has different songs for every town or place you are, and they really gives you the feeling of the place. Some pieces are harmonic, some are dramatic, for instance in a dungeon or in a battle, and some are sad. A drawback is the switching between the town song and the battle song which can appear a lot of times during the game, and the switching is a bit harsh, and makes me as a player kinda annoyed.


I will definitely play this game again. It has so many unexpected features, and even though it can seem a bit slow, with lack of action, this is perfect for casual gaming and relaxation. But I don’t think this game will last that long for some players, and it can go a couple of weeks before the game has become outdated. This has several reasons like lack of action and dificulities of understanding the story, while playing. So even though I loved it, it won’t be a game I will play for long and therefore I choose to give it a score at 4/6.


Cultural/Ethical Manifests:

The company behind Tale of Solaris, is a growing company, which releases more and more successful games. Yet there is little info to find about the company and no manifests of ether cultural or ethical aspects.

Character Race, Gender and Age:

As mentioned you can choose between 6 classes, and between male or female when you start the game. All of the character look childish, but are supposed to be young adults, and apart from the fantasy- style they look like typical white people. This makes the character selection quite narrow, despite gender and classes, because players around the world, can't customize them totally like they want.

When it comes to the secondary figures, the NPCs are the same. An okay percentage of both men and women, in the same childish style, even though I've never seen any children or elders as NPC ether. As the playable characters, the NPCs are white, and look like typical western people with a fantasy-style twist.

The selection and introduction of characters with different genders, race or age, can appeal a lot for new people who like customization on their character. For Example, make them look more like themselves. The same applies for default characters, where it's easier for the player to recognize and sympathize with the character . F. Eks Playing a middle-aged women can appeal more for a middle-aged woman, than a young boy.
At the same time, as often seen in fantasy games where the character isn't much alike humans, the gameplay is the most important, and if the player generally likes the game, the character appearance, gender or age, isn't that important.

PEGI Labeling and Rating:

Tale of Solaris is not official rated by the PEGI system, but has clear details that decides how to label it. 

If we start with the content descriptions, the game contains:
The violence is quite non-realistic, and non-detailed, with no blood and so on. And instead of dying, the enemies seem to faint.
Even though the game is pretty children friendly, and happy looking, some scenarios, sound and enemies can be frighting to younger children.
This game is an Online, multiplayer game.
Content descriptions which do not fit for this game are:
Bad Language - no, the in-game conversations does not contain any kind bad language, and the chat has restrictions against bad language as well.
Sex - no, the closest kind of intimacy you can get, in the game, is marriage. 
Gambling - No, The game has no such thing, and the only money actions you have is buy, sell and auction house.

All of these labels, and what they are in the game, explains that this Game should have a PEGI of age 7.
But parents have to be observant of what an Online community can involve, such as; behavior form other people (chat, and other in-game communication and forums), breaches of privacy, and links to other webpages; such as forums, fan-sites and etc.

This was a review I made for a school assignment, last semester, and thought it would be 
a nice blog entry too.. so here you go ;) 
I uploaded this review last fall too, but this is the updated version I 
delivered for the exam ;)
Please try it out and comment what you think about it ;)

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