Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I moved! Again.... xP

Well actually in the middle of February tho xP 

But I could not blog about it then since I was too busy with school and stuff on top of the moving chaos, so after everything was finally ready, I just totally forgot to blog about it :P

So I told you in August that I moved to Steinkjer to study at HiNT
which I still am.

Then I got this tiny room, living in a house of two floors with EIGHT other people :S
I may sound spoiled, and I know that is pretty normal for students around the world,
but I had the chance to find a better place.
Pictures can you see here
(But I sadly didn't take any pictures after I decorated it :( )

So me, a friend of mine living in the same house, and a friend from school, decided to find something else together.

I didn't bother to take pictures of the whole apartment,
but I took pictures of my room :D

This is what you see when you enter my room! I have the biggest room 
since my boyfriend will fortunately move in here too this summer :D

As you may understand, I love colors, and I really like to surround myself with happy colors :D

Storing is essential for me, because I have a lot of stuff ( remember I also have a packed room at my dads place xP).

This shelf was in my room when I moved in, but I will take it away and move my desk there instead if Laze moves in ;)

I don't have a wig head, so I just hanged my pink wig on a drawing mannequin.

I have to have a desk in my room, even tho I actually never work on it :S
But I do my make-up here and sometimes some artwork ;)

I like to see all the stuff I use everyday, + some extra, that's why my desk is most often stuffed with different things. Make-up, stationary, vitamins and books ;)

I have these drawers with make-up, other stationary and etc. and I also have my Laptop on it to easily turn it whether I watch it from my desk or my bed ;)

Other stuff :D

Some Art stuff :D

Some of my hairstuff ;)

I also fortunately have a big closet with a lot of storage ;)

I love my bed, of course! (who doesn't? :P ) and yes I have two duvets and a faux fur blanket, which I use every night! My room is usually really cold, and I hate freezing while sleeping ;)
And of course in case if I get a visit from my love :D

And I have a nice family of stuffed animals which I sleep with my arms around every night :P

 So that was it ;) my fabulous room :D
I figured I still like the same look and stuff for my room as
I did two last times I made room tours! :O
Also please check out my previous room tours:
My old apartment
My room at my dads old appartment

Thanks a lot for reading sweeties! <3

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  1. Your room is so pretty! Very colorful and well organized. I need to do this to my room soon xD But that really is some change, now you have a biiig room! I hated when I stayed in tiny rooms, it seems even harder to get everything organized since there is no space to put all your stuff @_@.
    Also, your blog is super cute! Following you via Bloglovin *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. It won't be for long :D When I move in it shall be filthy and unorganized. Well, at least where I keep my stuff!

      The Manchester gifts looks nice :3 we'll buy much more when we go on a vacation ;)

    2. Thanks a lot! well It's not always this "organized" xP 'cuz I'm not a big fan of cleaning up, but at least now it's pretty simple to clean up tho, until my boyfriend comes with all his stuff and habits xP

      And thanks allot for following me :D

  2. Wow you have such a nice room! I love all the colours :) It so tidy and organized too ^^

  3. omg so cute, I wish I had the room as yours.

  4. Your room is lovely, I love it so much! I wish it was mine he he.

    Fashion gets Fierce.


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