Monday, May 19, 2014


Good morning everybody!

Since I was lazy yesterday, id didn't bother to do anything with this blogpost until late evening, 
so therefore it's up today :D
As I told you on Friday, Saturday was our National day!
And I promised a Norway inspired Lolita coord! :O

Outfit rundown:
OP: Bodyline
Bolero: DIY from a Cardigan from Cubus
Over-Knees: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Wig: Bodyline

My lovely Laze took the photos for me :D

I also had a big Red bow and small bows with the pattern of our flag on :D

We had a pretty relaxing day, since me and Laze was only being at home.
But we had a barbeque with some family at the evening, and it was fun to show, them my Lolita coord, since many of them have never seen this fashion before :D

Today I woke up too early and I'm at school. 
Think I will have a lot of work to do today,
so wish me luck :D

Have a lovely day :D


  1. You look lovely! Hope your family liked the outfit too (:

    1. thanks :D Yes the did :D and as usual the older family members loved it the most :D


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