Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 22

Hi Guys!

So this was an exciting but exhausting week.
As I wrote on Twitter last Friday, my GameLab group
got to know that the deadline had been moved forward!
So we were gonna deliver today instead of next Friday.
We were a bit shocked but okay with it,
so this week we have been adding just the last
needed pieces, fixing bugs and writing documentation 
as Design doc. Work logs and Team Assessments.

These are my outfits for this week:




It's been super weather this week but I haven't cared to be
dressing up fancy.
First of all since I have been sitting inside a room working all day, 
or played World of Warcraft at home.
And second, I really need to do laundry xP

I don't like wearing shorts or skirts without thights,
and since almost everyone I had was in the laundry,
I just didn't bother, until today xP

So now we are doing the last finish of the game 
and making it ready for delivery!

I'm going to my dad today, which will be awesome,
Laze will be at our place tomorrow evening, 
and we will stay up all night (hopefully xP)
playing WildStar, since we pre-ordered it,
and got early access :D:D

Now it's only one exam left which is an home exam next week 
from Wednesday to Friday morning, 
so I hope that will turn out well, 
then I can take summer vacation! :D

Have an awesome Friday and Weekend
And I'll write to you later :D

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dying Project

Hi guys!

So on Monday I had this
dying project for my hair.
I was gonna use the rest of my Manic Panic 
hair dye, before I dye my hair
into a more natural color later.

I actually planned to do this last week,
but since it's construction work like right next to our house,
with digging and stuff, the water was shut of.

So I  decided to do it yesterday instead....
But when I got home I figured out that it was no water again -.-
Fortunately it came back later that evening, 
so I checked the shower if that worked,
and started dying my hair.

When the dye was in, I sat down, ate snacks, 
played World of Warcraft and was pretty content.

when I was to wash it out, 
I jumped into the shower, ready with all my skin products,
clean my face, hair, and body at the same time.

It was water... but no power at all!
Just a tiny bit.

So I didn't even bother to try to shower all of me,
stepped out, and stood with my head between the doors 
desperately trying to get the dye out of my hair.

Fortunately after some extra conditioner, to get the rest of the dye out
I was finished, and I could chill again.

Sooo that little project didn't go so well xP

The dye didn't sit ass well ether,
but I really doesn't care, since I love it like this,
and I'm gonna dye it again soon :D

More pictures will be in the weekly entry on Firday :D

Hope you like it and see you later :D 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

☆ Day twenty: What do you see in Fairy-Kei in general in the next 5 years?

well that's a little difficult for me to say since I haven't dressed in Fairy-kei that long. 
But I have really noticed that the last year Fairy-kei has, among Lolita and other styles, become really inspired by this creepy, cute, halloween-ish style. and may be become a little more "badass".
Is this Fairy-Kei?

So maybe will Fairy-kei be more and more influenced by other styles and become more mainstream, so you can's see the difference anymore, like I feel it's starting to do already...

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 21

Hi Guys!

This week I've been exhausted! :O

mostly because I've been having a lot of crappy work to do xP

Outfits for this week was simple since I didn't bother to dress up:
Ready for GameLab workday.

This wigs is perfect for the really hot weather that's been lately.

I dressed up a bit yesterday since I went to Trondheim. 

I like with wig just more and more, but it was 
too hot to wear it actually xP

And by hot I mean may be around 20 degrees Celsius.
But we're just not used to it where I live so it's
always a shock xP

Today I've been editing photos, had internet problems and a group meeting over skype.

Now I should work, ooor just die by the temperature, and watch House xP

See ya!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014


Good morning everybody!

Since I was lazy yesterday, id didn't bother to do anything with this blogpost until late evening, 
so therefore it's up today :D
As I told you on Friday, Saturday was our National day!
And I promised a Norway inspired Lolita coord! :O

Outfit rundown:
OP: Bodyline
Bolero: DIY from a Cardigan from Cubus
Over-Knees: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Wig: Bodyline

My lovely Laze took the photos for me :D

I also had a big Red bow and small bows with the pattern of our flag on :D

We had a pretty relaxing day, since me and Laze was only being at home.
But we had a barbeque with some family at the evening, and it was fun to show, them my Lolita coord, since many of them have never seen this fashion before :D

Today I woke up too early and I'm at school. 
Think I will have a lot of work to do today,
so wish me luck :D

Have a lovely day :D

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