Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 17

Hei hei! 

I went back to Steinkjer and school on Tuesday, and but it was hard since I really wanted more vacation :P

After school I went for some shopping, and this is what I got:
A t-shirt from the kids department and a Devided shirt from H&M, and Maxfactor Manga mascara from Cubus.

I'm gonna make some cute hairbands sometime, so I bought some elastic band and some cute textiles from Panduro Hobby.

On Wednesday we had GameLab day, but was not in the mood for working and I just wanted to be outside in the wonderful weather.

The outfit for the day:
I wore what I bought the day before, jeans from VeroModa and my white Bodyline Lolita shoes (sorry i didn't wear them when I took the pictures :S) I also wore my wig, in another "Anime" inspired hairdo. 
Works so much better with a thick wig, than my normal hair. :P

Thursday I was at school for 6 hours, working, before go to Trondheim.
Because of the lovely weather I was inspired to wear this :D

Hoodie, top, skirt and Thights from H&M, Over-Knees from Ebay and Shoes from DreamV.
Accessories from H&M and Chocomint.

I love these DreamV shoes so much, cuz they're so cute! BUT they are terrible to walk in :S hurts so much!
but I wore them today since, I drove to school and changed shoes in my car :P

Selfie! Side ponytail today :) Sadly I ended up with a bad headache and my neck did hurt, but I think it's just not used to wear a wig this often. It' was also pretty warm outside, so I guess that was the reason too ;)

Today I'm at my boyfriends place, in slacky clothes, working with gamelab.
Looking forward for a weekend filled with gaming, and relaxing :D

Have a lovely Friday everyone! :D


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