Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gifts from Manchester :D

As I told you my BF DukeLaze went to
Manchester this Easter!
Sadly I don't have a lot of money, so I couldn't join me :(

As kind as he is, he brought gifts for me
and they were so awesome! :D

A My Little Pony shirt that says
 "I don't always watch cartoons, but when I do, I watch My Little Pony! :D

Minions poster from "Despicable Me 2", a Madoka figurine
and a Oshawott plushie! :D

Almost a bit creepy above my bed xP

I've been wanting a Figurine like this for years, but I've just haven't bought one yet.
And here in Norway they're REALLY expensive :S

Oshawott is one of my favorite starters,
and Laze did of course know that I'm a Water-type fan! <3

Aren't they beautiful<3

Have a lovely day<3

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  1. Omg the Madoka figurine! I'm so jealous!!! (;

  2. Is Magika Madoka a good show? I tried watching an episode or two but it was kind of weird?? Haha! Beautiful blog! ♥

    1. I loved the show! Yes it's pretty weird and I was really surprised by the plot of it :D Thanks a lot sweety :D

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  4. sv; thanks! :D I did it myself ^__^ or yeah, i made the whole design myself so obviously :D

  5. Oh very cute gifts sweetie~


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