Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Break!

Good Friday peeps!<3
I went home yesterday, and I'm so happy now cuz we have Easter Break!

But first two of this weeks outfits :P

On Wednesday I had a chill morning, and I decided to wear this simple outfit, but with my wig :D

Sadly after some hours and i decided to go to the school and work, I took the wig of because I was a little bit affraid to waer it at school, as you may saw on my Twitter.

Kinda weird tho since may hair was really messy and weird that morning xP

Yesterday I actually wore my pink wig (as you may saw on my Instagram and Facebook )
And it was really fun :D I felt like it made my simple outfit really cute :D

Wearing it at school was no problem. I have actually wore two of my wigs to school before, so it should be a problem. People didn't care that much, so that was nice :D

Today I've been working with projects a bit,
but soon I will get ready an go to my mum :D
Haven't been there in for ever :S

So looking forward to a cozy evening with my BF, my mum, stepdad and my 
little brother ;)

The rest of the weekend I guess I will be drawing and playing games. And of course be with my boyfriend as much as I can since he's actually going to Manchester on Wednesday, without me! :O

So other than that I have no plans yet. ;)

Happy Easter everybody, and I write to you later ;)

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