Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Drawing class semester one!

So last semester I had this Drawing class focusing on perspectives and environments and I wanted to share the Sketches from my Exam with you :)

More of an exercise of drawing an House in perspective.

Drawing a room in perspective

Drawing different object on the table from the perspective of a little kid.

 We were gonna draw an old piece of a building with only dots. 
I both love and hate this technique, because I think it looks so good, but I have no
patience to work this way :S

This was the big project which I drew several versions of. 
It's a part of the Hall at school.

This was the last drawing we did, like an introduction for the class we had this semester.
We had to draw a classmates face,I only used one class on it, and I tried to make as realistic as possible :S
Yea I know it looks horrible xP

I got a B on this course and I'm pretty satisfied with that :D
I've also gotten my grade for my drawing class this semester.
But I will write about it and post some of the stuff I delivered in another entry,
when I get my portfolio back ;)

You can also find all of these at my Deviantart too :D

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  1. Wow that seems like a wonderful drawing class! And well done on the drawings too ^_^ I hope to see more!

    1. Thanks a lot! :D Yea I have to step it up with my drawing, and post mor of it here on my blog ;)

    2. I'm excited to see more! I'll be checking out your blog :)


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