Friday, April 18, 2014

Deviantart Favorites: Drawing and inspiration

I have a weird thing of specific kind of pictures.
I love photos taken of drawings or paintings, while they're working with it
or drawings, artwork about drawing/painting etc. xP

I don't know why, but I just feel really inspired about it.
And I feel like drawing and creating stuff when I watch them :D

So I just want to share some of my favorites with you :D

These are other work I found on google, but can't find the artist behind.
Anyway all credits to them, for their awesome work,
and they make fabulous and inspirational wallpapers for my computer :D

If you follow me on Facebook you may saw that I wrote that I've finally
put up most of my Lolita clothes for sales. (Except my absolute favorites, which I can still wear.)
I was so nervous because I feel kinda bad for selling my lovely 
Lolita clothes, but I was able to sell away 3 dress already yesterday. So I'm
really happy about that.

For now it's only within Norway since I have no experience with international shipping.
But we will see what will happen later. I will may make a sale page here on the blog too ;)

Have a lovely day<3

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  1. This is completely off topic but oh my, your eyes! They are truly amazing.

  2. There are truly so many great artists out there. I'm just amazed by their skill.


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