Monday, April 7, 2014

ACNL Challenge: 22. Your favorite animal neigbor

That's definately Granham! He was visiting my town, and I really wanted a hamster villiger, so I made him move in. When I got to know him, I realised he was really cute to talk too, and his room tells me that he's a big nerd and maybe an otaku ,listening to KK idol (KK Bubblegum in the english version) and stuff xP

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  1. omg How can I add you on this game? I have it too! and by the way, your blog is my fav so far :')

    Fashion gets Fierce.

    1. I sadly don't play it much any longer :( I'm affraid my town is dying now :S

    2. aww :( if you start playing tell me your name so I can add you there hi hi <3


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