Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ACNL Challenge: 24. Your tree in your town squere

It's getting pretty big and beautiful  :D

Today I'm going back to Trondheim already since my since Laze has a day of from work tomorrow :D
But first a loong day at school with gamelab. I have a hard time getting motivation for it,
since it feels like everything I do is wrong :S

Fortunately it's done by next month, so then we have only one exam left :D

Have a lovely day everyone :D

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Day nineteen: 5 of your favourite toys

Today it's day 19 of the Fairy-kei challenge!
This one is a little different, because I decided to have five PHOTOS of my favorite toys <3

Most of my favorite toys has been bought not so long ago, but there is some old treasures too.

My Hello Kitty plushies and the MLP dolls! They are so wonderful to watch when they are standing together like this :)

I didn't get any Pokemon cards when I was a little girl, but when I grew older, I started buying them myself! As you can see, I love water-Pokemon! :D

I got this one at a flea marked last spring, and I was so happy that I started jumping xP

This is one of the toys I have from my childhood. It's a robot-dog, and it gets heart eyes when you give him the bone :)

This is my absolute favorite toy! it was my favorite teddy-bear for ages, and nothing could replace him. I got him when I was around 1. years old, and it is pretty worn out :( His name is Basse and he will always be a bear, with long ears and no tail :P

What are your favorite toys?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 17

Hei hei! 

I went back to Steinkjer and school on Tuesday, and but it was hard since I really wanted more vacation :P

After school I went for some shopping, and this is what I got:
A t-shirt from the kids department and a Devided shirt from H&M, and Maxfactor Manga mascara from Cubus.

I'm gonna make some cute hairbands sometime, so I bought some elastic band and some cute textiles from Panduro Hobby.

On Wednesday we had GameLab day, but was not in the mood for working and I just wanted to be outside in the wonderful weather.

The outfit for the day:
I wore what I bought the day before, jeans from VeroModa and my white Bodyline Lolita shoes (sorry i didn't wear them when I took the pictures :S) I also wore my wig, in another "Anime" inspired hairdo. 
Works so much better with a thick wig, than my normal hair. :P

Thursday I was at school for 6 hours, working, before go to Trondheim.
Because of the lovely weather I was inspired to wear this :D

Hoodie, top, skirt and Thights from H&M, Over-Knees from Ebay and Shoes from DreamV.
Accessories from H&M and Chocomint.

I love these DreamV shoes so much, cuz they're so cute! BUT they are terrible to walk in :S hurts so much!
but I wore them today since, I drove to school and changed shoes in my car :P

Selfie! Side ponytail today :) Sadly I ended up with a bad headache and my neck did hurt, but I think it's just not used to wear a wig this often. It' was also pretty warm outside, so I guess that was the reason too ;)

Today I'm at my boyfriends place, in slacky clothes, working with gamelab.
Looking forward for a weekend filled with gaming, and relaxing :D

Have a lovely Friday everyone! :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gifts from Manchester :D

As I told you my BF DukeLaze went to
Manchester this Easter!
Sadly I don't have a lot of money, so I couldn't join me :(

As kind as he is, he brought gifts for me
and they were so awesome! :D

A My Little Pony shirt that says
 "I don't always watch cartoons, but when I do, I watch My Little Pony! :D

Minions poster from "Despicable Me 2", a Madoka figurine
and a Oshawott plushie! :D

Almost a bit creepy above my bed xP

I've been wanting a Figurine like this for years, but I've just haven't bought one yet.
And here in Norway they're REALLY expensive :S

Oshawott is one of my favorite starters,
and Laze did of course know that I'm a Water-type fan! <3

Aren't they beautiful<3

Have a lovely day<3

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Monday, April 21, 2014

ACNL Challenge: 23. Your town flag

Vaporeon <3

Today is the last day of Easter break and I don't want it to be :(
My boyfriend came home yesterday, and I got AWESOME gifts from manchaster!  :O
Will share them with you later ;)

Today we're gonna celebrate my sisters birthday at TGI Fridays, and just enjoy the day ;)

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