Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 5 favorite Pokémon 2nd Generation

My actally first real meeting with the second generation of the pokemon
was through Soul Silver and Heart Gold.
Sad?... I know :(
But after that I've seen the series with them and movies ;)

1. Suicune
This has three of the best aspects in the pokemon world for me ;)
It's a legendary, it's like a dog and it's a water type! enough said actually xP

2. Lugia
This fella is the "Guardian of the seas"! and I think it's so beautiful!
The only really sad thing about it is that it's not a water-type, which I think doesn't make sense -.-'

3. Delibird
I have never had this cute bird in my teams in the game ever, 
but what's not to love about him.
He's Santa Claus! And has the cutest pronunciation of it's name ever! :D

4. Espeon
I mostly look at the Eevee evolutions as forms of pokémon dogs,
But Espeon is more like a a cat, and then the post graceful cat ever!
I would really like one for real :D

5. Togetic
I was never a big fan of Togepi, cuz I don't like crybabies, and it terrified me as a kid.
But this one is just way too cute :D

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