Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm back! I think :P

Hellu everybody!

So now I'm finally finished with the biggest course of this semester and soon finished with the other small ones too!

This does not mean the stress is over, because now we have to really focus on the second GameLab project.
This semester we're working with a 3D junkyard themed Tetris game

So this weekend I will finally deliver my Intro 3D (Autodesk Maya course)
And I will try to make a video for you showing my models, gameboard and animations.
If it wont work I will at least post pictures ;)

I will try to focus more on this blog, but also on drawing. 
I really want to be really good at drawing now, and I'm so happy the drawing course I'm taking have given me the motivation for it!
I will also upload my sketches and work for both the drawing courses, and also what I've been drawing outside of school.

I just hope you guys are okay and I will write to you later ;) 

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