Friday, March 21, 2014

I finally went to the hairdresser xP

I went back to Trondheim yesterday and 
today I've been working with school projects, walked a bit my BFs dog and went to the hairdresser my stepmother works at!

I haven't cut my hair since January last year, and hadn't bleached my hair since September last year xP
So it was really nice to get it professional done, and especially by someone I know :D

I'm really pleased by the result and funny she even added pink into my hair :3

(sorry for crappy photos xP)

Yesterday I also made a thumbnail for the HearthStone RNG Battles series my boyfriend (DukeLaze) is making on his youtube channel, and today he uploaded a new video :D
Really funny to draw him and RichiPaladio in this style :P

No I have eaten too much Tacos, and I'm just gonna relax and play games now ;)
Have a wonderful evening ;)

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