Friday, March 28, 2014

28. Mars

A little everyday entry for you guys

I drove home to Trondheim yesterday, but was too exhausted to blog, but I took some outfit photos tho ;D

Today I woke up around 9 am and chilled around a bit before I worked a bit with school project.
I then walked my boyfriends familys' dog for like an hour or so. 

When I got hope I took a long shower, when through my skin routine and did my make up :)

Felt like I had to dress up a bit since it's friday, I'm with my boyfriend and he also passed a Test Apprentice final which he had a presentation of today :D Huray for DukeLaze!

I also made a watermark for my photos finally :D

So now I'm just watching Xaxue's videos and reading blogs and get really inspired by all this awesome blogging, and here I'm having no idea to write xP. 

I did some shopping these week, but I forgot to bring the cable to my camera which I used to take the picture with, so sadly I can't show you now... but may be later ;)

I'm also finished with drawing class now, and in about two weeks time I will get my grade! I'm pretty nervous because I my expectation are pretty high :S I just really want to be god at this, but I loose so much confidence when I see impressive drawings my friends have made or people on the internet. But at the same time I also get really inspired, so that's good ;) 

I guess I will be watching Friends and play Danganronpa this evening.
Have a wonderful peeps! <3

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