Sunday, March 16, 2014


This weekend has been really nice, especially since I went home to Trondheim already on Thursday. But I have not just been chilling out. I have been working with GameLab and drawing and most important finally started and finished some of my PERSONAL projects too!

Some months ago DukeLaze (my boyfriend x3) asked me to do Channel-art for his YouTube channel.
I found out, that to draw a simple thumbnail of him was not an easy task! xP But I managed to make both a thumbnail and a header for his channel, and even some concepts of thumbnails for his HearthStone RNG Battles series ;)

I should really make a new header for this blog too now, and fix the one I have for my youtube channel too.
And I really hope I can get good enough to may be do this for more people, interested in this, and my style ;)

So please check it out and please comment what you think. I'm still learning, and the more I learn the more fun it is to work with this :D

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