Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 entires 1 day?! o_O

 I know it's pretty unusual for me to update two times on
one day. But I've just been obsessed with blogging this weekend.
Working with upcoming entries, finding new blogs to read and 
update my Bloglovin account. :3

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So that's what I've been up to today ;)
Yesterday me and my boyfriend finished the last season of Friends,
and we have no idea what to do now :O

No series can compare to Friends, so it won't be easy to find a new one to watch.
Today on the other hand we watched Pokemon Origin.
Sadly it's only 4 episodes so we finished it pretty fast, but it was so freakin' 
awesome, and we were so into it we almost cried several times xP

So now we have been taken a relaxing shower, done some
facial treatments and just relaxing before a new day of work tomorrow ;)

Have a lovely evening guys! :D

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ACNL Challenge: 21. You working for Brewster

Oh... Stop it you! x3

Friday, March 28, 2014

28. Mars

A little everyday entry for you guys

I drove home to Trondheim yesterday, but was too exhausted to blog, but I took some outfit photos tho ;D

Today I woke up around 9 am and chilled around a bit before I worked a bit with school project.
I then walked my boyfriends familys' dog for like an hour or so. 

When I got hope I took a long shower, when through my skin routine and did my make up :)

Felt like I had to dress up a bit since it's friday, I'm with my boyfriend and he also passed a Test Apprentice final which he had a presentation of today :D Huray for DukeLaze!

I also made a watermark for my photos finally :D

So now I'm just watching Xaxue's videos and reading blogs and get really inspired by all this awesome blogging, and here I'm having no idea to write xP. 

I did some shopping these week, but I forgot to bring the cable to my camera which I used to take the picture with, so sadly I can't show you now... but may be later ;)

I'm also finished with drawing class now, and in about two weeks time I will get my grade! I'm pretty nervous because I my expectation are pretty high :S I just really want to be god at this, but I loose so much confidence when I see impressive drawings my friends have made or people on the internet. But at the same time I also get really inspired, so that's good ;) 

I guess I will be watching Friends and play Danganronpa this evening.
Have a wonderful peeps! <3

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So this weekend I played 
Danganronpa: Hope's Academy and Despair's Students / Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
for almost 20 hours!
And I already can't wait to play it again next weekend<3

Danganronpa: Hope's Academy and Despair's Students:
(English name Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)
This is a Japanese game for PSP, but I played it on a emulator. The game is mostly a visual novel, where you should make relations to people and investigate. I would explain it as cute anime-style mix of battle royal/Hunger Games and Saw, where 15 students get trapped into a High school and they can't graduate unless they kill someone, without the others knowing it's you.

I think the game has a really interesting artstyle, mixing the artstyle of the environment between 2D and 3D. 
I feel the characters are interesting and really deep, and because of a lot of plot-twists, there's something new and interesting all the time.

I have never played a game like this in many aspects. I have never played a lot of concoll games, even tho I love to play with a controller, and therefore it's pretty fun to find such an exciting game. I have also never really played a visual novel, and because of other parts of gameplay mixed with reading and investigation, it really gives me motivation to read and gather information, which you NEED to solve the game.

The third aspects I love with this game is the theme xP The big point I often can play awesome games, are that I freak out too often, and thinks even the smallest dark space or monster can be sceary. And I also have a love/hate relationships to horror and scary movies, where I love mystery and creepy stuff, but I also hate getting sceared. This is why this game is prefect for my style! It's scary/sick and absurd, with mystery, but cause of it's artstyle, bright colors and Monokuma, humor and the fact it's a visual novel, which makes it rather impossible to freak me out that hard. I'm just shocked or confused, but still carious about what will happen next :D

At last I'm really loving it that it's so much franchise of Danganronpa, which means that my fandom now ain't just for this game!

I can continue playing :

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Academy
(English name: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair )

Dangan Ronpa 1.2 Reload

Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo - Dangan Ronpa Another Episode

It's also an Anime:

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation

A Manga:

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei 

And two Novels:

Danganronpa Kirigiri


And on top of that I have read that there's pretty much fanfiction stuff about it too!!! :D

Weey so much fandom! :D
So I'm really looking forward to continue playing the games and at least watch the anime :D

Have you  played, watched or read something from the Danganronpa series?
What do you think about it? :D

Sunday, March 23, 2014

☆ Day fiveteen: Something you or a friend made themselves

I love to craft, draw, paint and sew, so here is some stuff I have made myself

Hope you liked it <3

You may noticed there are different watermarks on the pictures, but this is because some of the photos where already posted with my old blog name ;)
Sorry about that ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

I finally went to the hairdresser xP

I went back to Trondheim yesterday and 
today I've been working with school projects, walked a bit my BFs dog and went to the hairdresser my stepmother works at!

I haven't cut my hair since January last year, and hadn't bleached my hair since September last year xP
So it was really nice to get it professional done, and especially by someone I know :D

I'm really pleased by the result and funny she even added pink into my hair :3

(sorry for crappy photos xP)

Yesterday I also made a thumbnail for the HearthStone RNG Battles series my boyfriend (DukeLaze) is making on his youtube channel, and today he uploaded a new video :D
Really funny to draw him and RichiPaladio in this style :P

No I have eaten too much Tacos, and I'm just gonna relax and play games now ;)
Have a wonderful evening ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 5 favorite Pokémon 2nd Generation

My actally first real meeting with the second generation of the pokemon
was through Soul Silver and Heart Gold.
Sad?... I know :(
But after that I've seen the series with them and movies ;)

1. Suicune
This has three of the best aspects in the pokemon world for me ;)
It's a legendary, it's like a dog and it's a water type! enough said actually xP

2. Lugia
This fella is the "Guardian of the seas"! and I think it's so beautiful!
The only really sad thing about it is that it's not a water-type, which I think doesn't make sense -.-'

3. Delibird
I have never had this cute bird in my teams in the game ever, 
but what's not to love about him.
He's Santa Claus! And has the cutest pronunciation of it's name ever! :D

4. Espeon
I mostly look at the Eevee evolutions as forms of pokémon dogs,
But Espeon is more like a a cat, and then the post graceful cat ever!
I would really like one for real :D

5. Togetic
I was never a big fan of Togepi, cuz I don't like crybabies, and it terrified me as a kid.
But this one is just way too cute :D

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