Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday weekend

This Friday 
I turned 20 years old!
I feel kinda terrified, since I still feel like a 17 year old :S

I didn't do much on Friday tho, I was at school for 9 hours, and then drove to my boyfriend. 
I got presents, pizza and cake, and we were just chilling out and having a good time ;)

On Saturday we went to my mom, were we had a little birthday party and ate cake.
I mostly got money, but I got some beauty products from my parents in law, "date" coupons from my BF, a lovely purse and book from my mum and a FitBit Flex from my uncle. I will post a picture of it later, when I have time ;)

Sunday, I was feeling pretty "Sunday", so I did absolutely nothing :S
But worked a bit on schoolwork, when I got back to Steinkjer in the evening.

All in all, nothing really exiting happened, but I had a great weekend.

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