Wednesday, January 22, 2014

☆ Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

First of all, my bag is tooo small for all my crap xP
So it's like a black hole in there, and I can't find anything xP

1. I got this really cute bag by my stepmother, after she was in USA last summer :3 Sadly, because my purse is always that full, it has gotten a bit worn out already :S

2. Well you always need rubber bands, and I always loose them, so I have to have some extras.

3. I got my wallet from my stepmother too, and it's matching my purse :D

4. Keys. I have three sets of keys, my car keys, home keys (to my mom, my father and my grandmother. Not shown here.), AND the keys to where I live ATM at my college place ;) I mostly have my home keys in my car tho, so I don't need to carry them everywhere xP

5. I have a bad habit of not throwing trash away, but just put it in my bag xP

6. As for rubber bands, I also always needs to have a pen around, and I loose them too, so with some extra make-up and etc I have some extras too ;)

7. And since my bag is a black hole, I can't find any lip products ether, so it ends up with a bunch of them, since I always throws some new products in there xP

8. Some chains and bracelets.

9. My dad gave me a folded plastic rain coat, and it's been laying in my bag since ;)

10. Some extra make-up.

11. Headset. I hate walking around somewhere, and traveling somewhere without listening to music.

12. Mostly I have my games and 3DS too, so I can play whenever I feel like it ;)

13. I have to carry my phone cable everywhere, due to schoolwork, and recharging.
14. I started writing this entry some weeks before I finished it, and I had written a 14th thing, buuuut I have now Idea why I did that xP Well of course I have my cellphone in my bag too, which I take the picture with ;)

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