Monday, January 20, 2014

And Suddenly a whole week went by :S


I'm So sorry I haven't blogged, but I've been busy with school, and suddenly the whole week went by, without me even thinking about the blog :S

I think I have to set a reminder on when I should blog or something xP

So.. Yes I'm busy with school, and we have 6 courses now,
which 3 of them want's us to work 1/3 of our time on them -.- 
So as you may guess, I'm busy xP

My classes are:
Intro 3D
Programming in 3D space
GameLab 2
Animation History
Game Culture

Fortunately half of these classes are finished during march tho, so then I have a little more time.
But until then, please bear with me xP

Have a nice day peeps<3

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