Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 5 favorite Pokémon 1st Generation

Our first meeting with the magical land of pokemon was gen. 1!
Even tho I did not play any of the older pokemon games (I've only played the ones for DSes), I loved the first gen., through the tvshow and first movie<3.

1. Vaporeon

Since I started playing pokemon, and became more into pokemon as a teenager, Vaporeon has been my loyal companion! It's a perfect match between my love for the waters, cats and dogs!

2. Mew
After watching the first Pokemon movie, anyone can say the Mew is 
supercute and absolutely awesome. One of the strongest pokemon, and you're shooting bubbles!

3.  Ponyta
I was bit of a horse-girl when I was a kid, for one period of time at least. And of course Ponyta became one of my favorites, it's so cute and beautiful!

4. Articuno
Articunp always tricks me. My biggest love for it is that I think its a waterpokemon! It's it's so beautiful too! 
So actually if this pokemon actually was a water type, I would love it even more :P

5. Dragonite
After I watched the first Pokemon movie (again! I was a big fan of that movie okai!)
I totally fell in love with this one! he was so chubby, clumsy and cute, but ate the same time a bit scary since he was so big xP


  1. I'm surprised pikachu is not on your list.

    1. why? I had to pick 5 out of 151, and picachu is awesome in the series, but never been a big favorite ;)


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