Friday, December 20, 2013

Pet Student - A game!

If you remember from this fall I posted some artwork I was working on on a 
game me and my "GameLab" group was making.

"GameLab" is a cource we have at my College, where we're gonna
make a game ourselfs, and we're been working on it since the first week at school this semester.

Since I was the Art lead/ Art Director,
and we're finally finished with it, I decided to share all the animations I made, for the game.

This is all my work, so please don't take credit for it.
AND I had never done thsi before, so sorry for very amatourish animations xP

 I'm also REALLY sorry that blogspot fudge up the quality and makes my animations pixelated :(

I hope you like them, and have a nice evening :)

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