Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year!

And suddenly a whole week went by without blogging ;S god the days goes too fast :(

First off all I had a great Christmas eve, with a lot of food, and a bunch of presents :D

This is some of what I got ;)
A romantic novel set during WW2. And a Paint Tool SAI tutoral book. 

 A bunch of Promarkers! :)

Beauty products always comes handy, when I'm living by my self  ;) 

And hair products :D

Some clothes and a lovely fluffy hat from Røros :D

And my big wish for this Christmas, a stereo to my car, so I can play music when I'm driving :D

I also got 9 Disney Classics on DVD ( I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of them) :(
And Earlier this December I got Beyond Two Souls on PS3 too :D

The rest of the Christmas I've been playing games, visiting people and eating too much :S

Yesterday,  me, Laze, my father, his girlfriend and daughter went to the cinema and watched
a Christmas movie called "Jul i Flåklypa" :)

I was so fun and cozy :D

Today is New Years Eve, and were gonna be eating turkey, playing games, and have fun!

Have a lovely day, and see you again next year! :D

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