Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas vacation and Holiday!

And I'm so glad i finally have Christmas vacation!
I actually went home on Wednesday, worked a bit from home on the exams on Thursday, and Got to know that everything was delivered by Friday, which was the due date.
Our two last exams was the Pet Student game and a Pinball game so everything except one self assessment was done in groups.

SO from yesterday evening I officially got Christmas vacation!

Yesterday I went to my dad, and me and my stepmother went downtown for her work. She brought her youngest Chihuahua to work, and while I was waiting for my boyfriend, I was sitting at the Salon (where she works) with little Zara ( the chihuahua) in my lap for almost two hours xP

Afterward me and my boyfriend went for a little Christmas shopping, 

ate at TGI-Fridays with some friends and

Then watched The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug at the cinema!
It was totally awesome, and I can't wait until next year and the third movie! 

Today I have been gaming, and me and Laze went to my dads place and were nannies for these three lovely four legged cuties! It was a lot of stress tho, since one of them is a puppy, the second where missing my stepmom a lot, and the third one, only wanted snuggles alone :P

Anyways, there's been a nice day, and I'm so happy I finally have Christmas vacation! :D

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