Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year!

And suddenly a whole week went by without blogging ;S god the days goes too fast :(

First off all I had a great Christmas eve, with a lot of food, and a bunch of presents :D

This is some of what I got ;)
A romantic novel set during WW2. And a Paint Tool SAI tutoral book. 

 A bunch of Promarkers! :)

Beauty products always comes handy, when I'm living by my self  ;) 

And hair products :D

Some clothes and a lovely fluffy hat from Røros :D

And my big wish for this Christmas, a stereo to my car, so I can play music when I'm driving :D

I also got 9 Disney Classics on DVD ( I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of them) :(
And Earlier this December I got Beyond Two Souls on PS3 too :D

The rest of the Christmas I've been playing games, visiting people and eating too much :S

Yesterday,  me, Laze, my father, his girlfriend and daughter went to the cinema and watched
a Christmas movie called "Jul i Flåklypa" :)

I was so fun and cozy :D

Today is New Years Eve, and were gonna be eating turkey, playing games, and have fun!

Have a lovely day, and see you again next year! :D

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I'm just gonna give you a little greeting, before 
the big Christmas feeling gives in!

This year I wish for some Disney movies and the latest Sims 3 game. 
Pretty similar as last year actually :P

But I'm gonna be at my dads' place tomorrow so I'm exited!

Today I've been spending my day with my mom, step dad, and my half brother. 
And I've been loving it :D

the last past week I've been busy every night, so I'm sorry I haven't been blogging,
But I can tell that yesterday, me and my boyfriend had our 3 and a half year anniversary!

I wish you all a merry merry Christmas, and a great time! :D

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pet Student - A game!

If you remember from this fall I posted some artwork I was working on on a 
game me and my "GameLab" group was making.

"GameLab" is a cource we have at my College, where we're gonna
make a game ourselfs, and we're been working on it since the first week at school this semester.

Since I was the Art lead/ Art Director,
and we're finally finished with it, I decided to share all the animations I made, for the game.

This is all my work, so please don't take credit for it.
AND I had never done thsi before, so sorry for very amatourish animations xP

 I'm also REALLY sorry that blogspot fudge up the quality and makes my animations pixelated :(

I hope you like them, and have a nice evening :)

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