Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hard week

Sorry for not posting an entry on Friday, but I was so exhausted :S

Weeks outfits:

I'm sorry it's only two.
The first one is from Monday and the second one is from Friday.
I've been sick this week, and got even worse this weekend, so I've just been slacking, while trying to work as hard as I could on schoolwork.

There's actually nothing more to say about that.
Me and my BF had a great weekend tho, with movies and snacks, but my body and cold is not ready for school yet. :(

I was also pretty pissed off when The snow came on Saturday!
I don't have my winter tires yet, but I managed to get home, and the roads and weather should be good until next weekend too, I hope ;)

Sorry for a pretty boring entry, but I am pretty boring when I'm sick xP
See ya!

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  1. I really like that bat sweater you have on! Pretty cute ^ ^


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