Friday, October 11, 2013

Games and my week

Hi guys! Had a nice week?
Mine has been exhausting, and I'm so happy it's Friday as always :D

This weeks Outfits:
Just a chill outfit since I drove from Trondheim to Steinkjer in the morning before class :S :P

Pastel and black, with curly hair :D

My face seem so different when my hair is pinned away :P 

Chill boyish look :P

Dressed up with a new skirt, shirt and over-knees to go back to my boyfriend in Trondheim
Sorry for bad lighting, but everything is from H&M ;)

This week I've been working my ass of, with assignments, exam, and digital prototype for our game 
Pet Student, for the Mid Terms. We got yellow light on our game, so that means we have to work even more, to convince our teachers that this game will work :S

Speaking of games, I've been watching Jesse Coxs' (big fan! xD) Gameplay videos of 
Beyond: Two Souls! 
His videos are amazing, and the game too! I really want to try it now! Sadly I don't have a PS3, but my dad has so I have to convince him ;)

I also found out that The Sims: In to the Future, has the release date this month!
This makes me a bit angry, 'cuz it seems like every game company is spamming games you want in the fall, when you sure have no money or time to play them -.-'
Whyyyy?!?!  ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

BUT! One great news is that I got a game I've been waiting for since last year,
and even one day before the official release date!

Pokémon X!!!!!
I have already tried a bit, and I'm absolutely in love with it :D:D:D

If you're curious, I chose Fennekin as a starter ;)

Now me and my BF will continue playing Dungeon Defenders,

And be having a great time!
Have a lovely weekend<3

Which games are you exited for this fall?
Will you be playing Pokémon X or Y?
Which starter will you choose? :)

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