Friday, October 4, 2013

1 week of creepyness



Hope everyone is happy that it's finally weekend, because I am :3

First of all I promised you some outfits for this week:

October started on Tuesday and I decided to wear my new tights, over-knees and a combination of a fluffy jumper and a  shirt.

On Wednesday I wore a little more playful and relaxed look, with my new thighs and hoodie.

Thursday was big-jumper day and I wore my new Tokyo jumper, tights and over-knees.

Today I dressed up a bit since I'm going to my boyfriend this weekend too ;)
Wore my new hoodie, dress, tights and over-knees.

If you are wondering, everything new is from H&M except the Tokyo jumper which is from Cubus.

Except form school I have been playing a bit this week and especially visual novels :3 I've been downloading many and right now I'm playing DanganRopa. For now I love how absurd it is xP
I was also to the dentist where they discussed a lot about my journal, since I was a new client to them, and the hole atmosphere was kinda wired I guess... But likes to go to the dentist anyways.

I also finished a new entry on DeviantArt, so please check it out :D

The rest of the evening I hope I will be playing with my BF 
and I hope you will have a great weekend <3

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