Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend to my dad and etc.

Hi guys! 
I don't have a lot to tell but this weekend I'm to my father, just chilling out and eating good food :D

I've been working a lot on GameLab and I remind you again to comment if you want to be added to our game test group ;)

Some outfits lately:
I have no idea when this was from :P

 Last weekend me and my boyfriend went to a birthday party for my uncle, and we had a lot of fun :D

Yesterday I felt like dressing up a bit, but sadly forgot to take a full body photo ;)

Last week I made two birthday cards too, one for my uncle (to the right) and one to my little brother (to the left).
Hope you like them :)

I've also been fixing my DeviantArt and added all the stuff I had on my two old DeviantArts to my new one ;) So if you have a DeviantArt too, please follow me :D

The rest of the weekend I will be gaming and may be work a bit, and if you play LoL and want to play with me, please comment ;)
Have a nice weekend :D


  1. followed you on devinatart, you have such a cute drawing style `((OuO))/
    oh, and game test group? whats that about?`sound interesting x3

    1. Its a facebook group we have made were we post our artwork for the game and the digital prototypes so you can give us feedback ;) if you want me to add you please like my facebook page for this blog ;)

  2. SV: Ah, thanks! I know it, making an order this week so i'll have a look! :D


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