Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The days passes so fast!

Hi and hello!
My head is finally back and I can start caring about you guys again!
(Yes I do think about blogging all the time, but sometimes I have no motivation, nothing to blog about and etc, so that's why this blog tends to be so boring sometimes :S)

So yea...


This one is from last Monday when we had our first real Game Lab meeting.
Game Lab is a course we have were we as a group of four is going to make a game! And most of us have no experience in such things :O
So I dressed up a bit to get the inspiration flowing :3

On Tuesday we had only one lecture in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Levanger to this festival-thingie called Gaid.. Were students from all the four HiNT colleges could meet and party :3 The weather was so nice, and I had messy hair :P

A random Outfit... Think it was Thursday, and we had another Game Lab meeting where we changed some ideas, and got ready for the Game Pitch on Friday.

'Cuz Friday was HELL! We started with some lectures and around 1 PM we started the game pitch, were we was supposed to present our game ideas to three of our teachers and the game designer Dino Dini by Skype. 
They ripped apart our ideas, and I was so scared, but hopefully they didn't hate them all.
So after three rounds of presentations by 8 groups we could finally go home, and I drove back to Trondheim and my Boyfriend.

Sadly I was so exhausted that evening and caught the cold too :(

On Saturday I met Merethe and we were having some girl time with gossip and such, but I was very ill and I had very little energy to do anything.

On Sunday me and my Boyfriend woke up early got dressed and went to my oldest step-brothers confirmation. I was even worse on Sunday and the fever went up and down all the time. But It was a really nice celebration, and a lot of great food :D

Sadly I had to drive back to Trondheim that evening, and felt totally dead when I finally locked myself in and laid in my bed :S

 And for last this was my outfit for Monday

You like my new bangs and dip-dye?
I just had to do something about it and I'm so in love with the result! And it reminds me a bit of many styles I've seen in Tokyo Fashion the past year, so I like that :3

The Game Lab game idea the Teachers and Dino Dini chose for us was an idea we called PetStudent!
So today I have been doing some sketches and etc. for this project, and I'm both looking forward and being a little scared for a LOT OF WORK! But I will post somethings of the game here, and when we're ready for some testers, you are of course welcome to help :D

Then I have to day bye for now, and go back to my books ;)


  1. Oh my where ever did you get the tights in the first pictures? (The white and blue striped ones) I've been looking for sililar ones for ages but can't fint any on either ebay or taobao or anywhere!! :O

    1. I bought them on Bodyline if you know that webstore ;)


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