Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Game Lab PetStudent Sketches

Hi guys! 
Actually, lately I'm not that lazy, that I'm not blogging, but it's actually that I'm too busy or too tired :S

The reason is that we have started Game Lab as I have told you, and our group is supposed to work 28 hours pr week, included one 8 hour work day.  So 4 hours everyday + other homework and studies, makes me really busy :P

So last time I blogged I told you that we had the game pitch, and the game we could make was our game idea of PetStudent. 
The game takes place in a Students really small apartment, and you have to keep your character happy, by fulfilling it's needs, so your student will be able to study, and graduate.

So the case is, that I really need your help.
For our game I'm the ART DIRECTOR!!!
Wiiii.... so I can boss around, and decide how I want things to look like :P

We are two drawers, and I have been making sketches of the female character, the furniture and the main menu. 

Some expressions of the female character. Not everything will be included. 

More expressions of the female character.

Stinky female character, due to lack of hygiene :P

Action sketches, eating, being social and being entertained.

The sleeping action for both the female and male character.

 Some furniture. Shower both in use and standard, shelf, and work desk for studies.

 More furniture.

 A sketch of how the Main Menu possible could look like :3

and a small tryout of the female character in a digital version.

So what I hope you could do, is to comment what you like, and what I could do better to improve these sketches to the final product. I'm so exited for this project, and we need all the help and feedback we can get!

Thanks a lot, and see ya! <3

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