Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shopaholic and Silver Hair

Hi folks!
I hope you have had a great weekend because I have ;)

On Friday I finally went home to my boyfriend after a long week missing him,
and it was my last day with ash-blond and redish hair :P

(BTW tried the puppy-eye teckique but it doesn't work well on my eyes :( )

Because in the evening I bleached my hair silver blond again!
It turned a bit orange and yellow, but with some turns with some purple toner, it turned out well ;)

(Having purple toner in my hair (left) and the final result (right))

On Saturday me and BF went to my old apartment (which is to my grandmother if you wonder) and started packing because my father and his girlfriend has bought a house and I get a HUGE room there :3
So after loong hours of packing, moving and carrying, we went home and chilled out with some gaming :D

On Saturday and Friday I also did some shopping xP (i'm broke now xP)
I really wanted to buy some new stuff to fit my pastel goth and creepy cute look for this fall.
I love everything I bought and I can't wait to wear it and show you guys :D 

Today I have been playing Black and White 2 as well as yesterday, and helped my father with some moving before I went back to Steinkjer ;)

Now I have been cleaning up a bit and will be going to bed soon ;)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fashion Inspiration for the Halloween Month

Since I last October was really into Pastel Goth and the Creepy Cute style, I feel that it's time to get into it again. It fits so well to October, it's getting darker and most important of all it's Halloween! :D 

So since I have no plans for celebrating Halloween jet, I want to try to "celebrate" it a bit everyday, or try to get in the mood :3

Here are some wonderful outfits that have inspired me lately ;)


This means that I should be going shopping tho xP So we'll se what I find xP
Have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend to my dad and etc.

Hi guys! 
I don't have a lot to tell but this weekend I'm to my father, just chilling out and eating good food :D

I've been working a lot on GameLab and I remind you again to comment if you want to be added to our game test group ;)

Some outfits lately:
I have no idea when this was from :P

 Last weekend me and my boyfriend went to a birthday party for my uncle, and we had a lot of fun :D

Yesterday I felt like dressing up a bit, but sadly forgot to take a full body photo ;)

Last week I made two birthday cards too, one for my uncle (to the right) and one to my little brother (to the left).
Hope you like them :)

I've also been fixing my DeviantArt and added all the stuff I had on my two old DeviantArts to my new one ;) So if you have a DeviantArt too, please follow me :D

The rest of the weekend I will be gaming and may be work a bit, and if you play LoL and want to play with me, please comment ;)
Have a nice weekend :D

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Game Lab PetStudent Sketches

Hi guys! 
Actually, lately I'm not that lazy, that I'm not blogging, but it's actually that I'm too busy or too tired :S

The reason is that we have started Game Lab as I have told you, and our group is supposed to work 28 hours pr week, included one 8 hour work day.  So 4 hours everyday + other homework and studies, makes me really busy :P

So last time I blogged I told you that we had the game pitch, and the game we could make was our game idea of PetStudent. 
The game takes place in a Students really small apartment, and you have to keep your character happy, by fulfilling it's needs, so your student will be able to study, and graduate.

So the case is, that I really need your help.
For our game I'm the ART DIRECTOR!!!
Wiiii.... so I can boss around, and decide how I want things to look like :P

We are two drawers, and I have been making sketches of the female character, the furniture and the main menu. 

Some expressions of the female character. Not everything will be included. 

More expressions of the female character.

Stinky female character, due to lack of hygiene :P

Action sketches, eating, being social and being entertained.

The sleeping action for both the female and male character.

 Some furniture. Shower both in use and standard, shelf, and work desk for studies.

 More furniture.

 A sketch of how the Main Menu possible could look like :3

and a small tryout of the female character in a digital version.

So what I hope you could do, is to comment what you like, and what I could do better to improve these sketches to the final product. I'm so exited for this project, and we need all the help and feedback we can get!

Thanks a lot, and see ya! <3

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