Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alot is happening :S :D

Long time no see:P
Well I've been busy with alot of things lately, and when I've just been chilling out, I've had no motivation to blog, so I'm sorry about that.


First of all I'm sorry the Animal Crossing posts didn't post automatically!
I did set the date and time, but for a wired reason it didn't work :S


As you may know I've been in Bodø for two weeks, and when I got home I started packing and mentally prepare myself to move soon :S

BUT The biggest thing that happened these last week waaaaassss.....

I got my own car!!!!
I'm so shocked, 'cuz my dad got it for me as a graduation gift kinda, and I had no idea!
It's so small and cute and I absolutely adore it :D

I have already decorated a little inside, so maybe I can take some pictures of it soon :D

I haven't been that fashionable these past weeks, but I'm trying to get in the flow again, so I don't look like a caveman when I start at school :P

Here are two resent outfits :)

I felt really Gyaru that day :P
Did I pull it of okey?

So as I said, I'll be moving soon :S
I was so lucky to get in to the first and only College I applied for!
So tthe three next years I'm hopefully gonna study Games and Experience Technology at HiNT, a College in the neighbor county. It's only a two hour drive away, but far away enough that I have to move into a bedsit-house kinda thing. That means that I get my own room, to work and sleep in, and all the 7 bedsits have to share a living room, two kitchens and three bathrooms etc.

I have been so nervous and stuff, for this, but today I moved in.
I met the house owner, who was really nice, I had my mommy, stepfather, half-brother and my boyfriend to help me, and everything fitted like I wanted to, in this little cute room :D

This is what it looks like after today:

Notice the super cute Hello Kitty curtain :3

So now I'm exhausted. We drove back home to my boyfriend, and tomorrow I will drive back with the last things and be there to schools starts. 
Whiiii! So nervous :D

I will sure take more photos when I'm done decorating and storing my stuff so I'll see you soon :D

Love you <3


  1. What kind of car is it? (:
    And your room looks so tidy asdssfgshgfs

    1. It's a Wolksvagen polo :)

      Tidy? well I have a lot of stuff jet to be brought in, and I haven't had the time to mes it up jet xP

  2. Not bad for a starter car usually the first car you get usually Ends in a tragic tale or at least for me it Did.

  3. and the first outfit looks good the second one didn't really look that great, Just my honest opinion :)


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