Saturday, August 31, 2013

And then I caought the cold

This will only be a short post, 'cuz I have no energy right now.
I have some outfits to post, but I will take that later, as well as some gaming news from school :P

I just really hope that my cold is away on Monday :(

Have a lovely weekend peeps<3

Friday, August 23, 2013

First week at College!

So this week has been busy...
And even though the real classes haven't really started jet, it doesn't mean that I've been walking my butt of to join all of the activities and such.

Well first.
On sunday I drove to Steinkjer by myself to move in for sure. I had so much stuff in my car and my room was such a mess before I got to clean it up. I was so lucky to meet three lovely girls, which I live with already then.

On Monday I went for a little sightseeing by my self, and ended up shopping a bit. Steinkjer is a perfect sized town, so you can walk everywhere and even to a big mall without driving or taking the bus.

Tuesday was our first day at school.
This was my outfit:
It's much like an outfit from last week though, but just look at my lovely new shoes I bought at the children section at H&M! love them<3

And I'm so happy to finally have a full body mirror. Now I don't have to stand on my toes and you don't need to look at messy bathroom pictures :P (just my messy room xP)

The day went fine and in the evening we went to a bay to party, and so on to a club. It was really funny and I got to meet a lot of nice people ;)

On Wednesday I was pretty tired. The day went with some boring info classes and then me and some classmates went to a really boring party :S So actually nothing special happened that day.

Yesterday my class (SPO = as in Games and entertainment technology or something) and the Media class went together to a camp, where we did some activities and such.

In the evening it was a quiz race, with all the new students and older students who guided and helped us. We had to do tasks like drawing and miming, and it all ended at the student pub.

Today it's finally Friday, and  I was so exited 'cuz I decided to drive back to Trondheim and visit my boyfriend this weekend :D

We had one lecture this morning and we started our Game Lab project, which means that me and my group is going to make our own game! :O I'm so nervous about it, but we have until Christmas to finish it we hopefully we gonna get much guidance from our teachers.

I had a simple but funny outfit today :3

After the lecture it was a barbecue in the schoolyard, and then I drove home.

So now and my boyfriend has eaten delicious homemade pizza, and I'm planning to do some gaming done. Have to do my research for school right?! xP

I'm verry happy about school for now. I have made good friends from Iceland and Russia, so that's a great way for me to practice my horrible English :P

I hope to post something awesome we do in class, but again I'm sorry if the blogpost doesn't come as often as you want. I just have to make a plan and create a flow between blog, school and hobbies ;)

Hope to see you soon<3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alot is happening :S :D

Long time no see:P
Well I've been busy with alot of things lately, and when I've just been chilling out, I've had no motivation to blog, so I'm sorry about that.


First of all I'm sorry the Animal Crossing posts didn't post automatically!
I did set the date and time, but for a wired reason it didn't work :S


As you may know I've been in Bodø for two weeks, and when I got home I started packing and mentally prepare myself to move soon :S

BUT The biggest thing that happened these last week waaaaassss.....

I got my own car!!!!
I'm so shocked, 'cuz my dad got it for me as a graduation gift kinda, and I had no idea!
It's so small and cute and I absolutely adore it :D

I have already decorated a little inside, so maybe I can take some pictures of it soon :D

I haven't been that fashionable these past weeks, but I'm trying to get in the flow again, so I don't look like a caveman when I start at school :P

Here are two resent outfits :)

I felt really Gyaru that day :P
Did I pull it of okey?

So as I said, I'll be moving soon :S
I was so lucky to get in to the first and only College I applied for!
So tthe three next years I'm hopefully gonna study Games and Experience Technology at HiNT, a College in the neighbor county. It's only a two hour drive away, but far away enough that I have to move into a bedsit-house kinda thing. That means that I get my own room, to work and sleep in, and all the 7 bedsits have to share a living room, two kitchens and three bathrooms etc.

I have been so nervous and stuff, for this, but today I moved in.
I met the house owner, who was really nice, I had my mommy, stepfather, half-brother and my boyfriend to help me, and everything fitted like I wanted to, in this little cute room :D

This is what it looks like after today:

Notice the super cute Hello Kitty curtain :3

So now I'm exhausted. We drove back home to my boyfriend, and tomorrow I will drive back with the last things and be there to schools starts. 
Whiiii! So nervous :D

I will sure take more photos when I'm done decorating and storing my stuff so I'll see you soon :D

Love you <3

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ACNL Challenge: August 13. You in front of my hose

I really like the mermaid theme on my house, but I have to change the color of my roof :S

Monday, August 12, 2013

ACNL Challenge: August 12. You watering flowers

Having a lot of flowers is pretty, but takes a lot of time watering them with a normal watering can :S

Friday, August 9, 2013

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