Sunday, July 21, 2013

Roadtrip to Bodø

Hi! Long time no see, but it hasn't been happening much.

On Friday I went with my best friend to the collage I'm gonna study at, this fall. So That took two hours of driving to get there. The school looked really nice, but I'm a little nervous for all the hard work, and that almost all of it is gonna happen in English :S

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend got up at half past 5 am, to drive to Bodø.
We had to take his mums dog with us, and he didn't want to stay at his place, so he crawled several times to the backseat.

We both drove but it was a long way in one day :S

After a visit, some dog trouble, a little trouble with getting lost, and afraid we didn't have enough fuel, we finally arrived Bodø around 7-8 pm.

Of course I was able to remember my laptop, but forget the charger -.-' And if I can't borrow any before I get home, you won't hear from me in a while. But I have planned a new Challenge which will be posted automatically from the 31st of July. 

Have a great summer<3

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  1. I feel so sorry for you that you forgot the charger! That really sux, but I hope you have a good vacation still ((:


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