Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New hair color and sims 3!

The last days I have been at my place for once. Having some me-time, and such. 
So on Monday evening I dyed my hair again :D Now I'm done with bleaching my hair all the time, so I dyed my hair with semi-permanent amber, and re-dip dyed my tips pink :) Think it looks a little cool :D

(sorry for heart-face but I looked really derpy xP)
Better pictures will come ;)

Yesterday my friend Merethe came over, and we had a little Sims 3 lan, with tacos and soda :D

Here is my sims3 collection now. But I have also Supernatural and University, which I installed from Merethe :D

We had a great time, and both Uni, and my new game island paradise, is so fun to play! I really recommend both of them :D


  1. Your hair looks too pretty!
    Ah, and the Sims 3! I haven't played them myself, but the Sims is such a good time killer XP

  2. Your new hair colour looks really cute! Love the pink dip-dye :3


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