Monday, July 8, 2013

Cube world and a lovely weekend

Hi! So this weekend has been great! On Friday me, my boyfriend and his brother were finally able to play Cube World alpha! We had been watching  gameplay of it all week, and on Friday we were able to by the alpha version yourself :D

Since it's just the alpha it's still developing, and some bugs, but still a lot of fun, and everything is so cute! :D Here is my and my boyfriends character:
I'm a watermage elf, and I also have a collie as a pet :D

My boyfriend also made a video, were he's showing some gamplay and some of the bugs we found.
Please like and comment his video :D

And this is a powerleveling video :)

On Saturday, me, my boyfriend and his brother went for a little trip to Sweden to buy cheap soda and candy :D It was great weather and we had a really nice time. When we got home, we ate some delicious burgers and played computer games together :D

On Sunday me and my dad went to the town I'm hopefully gonna study this fall, and looked at the apartment I'm gonna live in. My room wasn't that big, but ok, and the kitchens, bathrooms and the livingroom was nice. I'm gonna live there with 7 or 8 people I think so It's gonna be crowded. I'm a little nervous about my future roommates, but I really hope they will be nice, and that I'm gonna have a great time :D

Today I'm playing Animal Crossing NL, Sims 3 and watching some awesome animes, which I will write about quite soon.

See ya!

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