Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf Photo of a day Challenge

Last month I found this challenge of Animal Crossing, and I decided to give it a try. 

Since I found it a little too late, I couldn't do it for July, and therefore I will do it for August instead. Since I'm on a vacation now, these fist post will be posted automatically, and since I'm also moving this month and starting at Collage I think this would be a great opportunity to keep this blog going for a while. Because of that, many of the photos are taken in July, and some even at the same day, just to get it ready for you guy, before all the school stress gets in.


I hope you like it, and still have a great summer<3

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Roadtrip to Bodø

Hi! Long time no see, but it hasn't been happening much.

On Friday I went with my best friend to the collage I'm gonna study at, this fall. So That took two hours of driving to get there. The school looked really nice, but I'm a little nervous for all the hard work, and that almost all of it is gonna happen in English :S

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend got up at half past 5 am, to drive to Bodø.
We had to take his mums dog with us, and he didn't want to stay at his place, so he crawled several times to the backseat.

We both drove but it was a long way in one day :S

After a visit, some dog trouble, a little trouble with getting lost, and afraid we didn't have enough fuel, we finally arrived Bodø around 7-8 pm.

Of course I was able to remember my laptop, but forget the charger -.-' And if I can't borrow any before I get home, you won't hear from me in a while. But I have planned a new Challenge which will be posted automatically from the 31st of July. 

Have a great summer<3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Idol Animes!

So since I have summer vacation, I have finally time to watch a lot of Anime! :D
I have found some new favorites, and a new genre that I love <3

It's Idol animes!

So actually animes about being a Japanese idol, and etc.
The first one I saw, and the one I really fell in love with, is Love Live! School Idol Project!

It's about three girls who starts a school idol group, to get their school noticed and preventing it to shut down. They are all so cute, and innocent, and I love the spirit they have, that they can fulfill their dream. The characters have distinctly personalities, and you really feel you get to know them. The music is so catchy, and I just love to watch the performance scenes over and over. I really recommend it, but it's sure sad it's only 12 episodes. But it's written here that a second season will may be released in April next year. Can't wait!!

The second Anime in this genre I've seen so far is AKB0048 (First stage).

This anime is shortly about a group who calls themselfs AKB0048 as a tribute to AKB48, which now perform around in space, after that humanity have destroyed the earth and moved around on other planets. Many of the planets have banned entertainment, and AKB0048 performs guerrilla concerts to keep the peoples hopes up. They also have to fight against DES (Destroy Entertainment Soldiers xP) who tries to stop their concerts on several planets.

The funny thing about this Anime is that you clearly see that it's made to promote the real group AKB48. The voice actors are mainly from AKB48 and SKE48:

And all the music is by AKB48 or the AKB48 subgroup NO NAME (formed to provide the singing for the anime).

This anime is pretty absurde, because of the promotion it has, but also the setting in space, fighting, and how important they seem to be for the galaxy! I think even tough this is a great anime, with awesome music, and dance moves, and I recommend it :D

The second season of AKB0048 (Next Stage) was released January this year. I will sure watch it some time in the future:

At last I watched The iDOLM@STER 

The IDOLM@STER is about a group who get a new producer to make them get jobs and become a top Idol-group. They make subgroups, and many gets their own commissions as celebrities, such as photo shoots, advertising, shows and etc.

This anime is based on The IDOLM@STER game, where you are the producer.

This anime didn't move me that much, watching it from an idol-genre-point of view. I think few of the song were catchy, the episodes are very like "everyday life"-anime and I didn't get much of an idol feeling from it.

BUT! This anime really moved me too. There was several moments I started crying (yes I'm very movable xP) and since I love to watch "everyday life"-anime while playing games and etc. this anime was perfect!

Other Idol-animes:
I have been searching a bit and I found a lot of idol related anime, I may be watching in the future, and to give you some extra anime tips for this genre:

Lovedol: Lovely Idol

So there you go!
I'm sorry for the long post, but I have been working hard on this one, for research and stuff, so I hope you liked it :D
If you have seen any of the animes, or would love to watch them, please comment,
and if you know any other Idol related animes, please tell me<3

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cube world and a lovely weekend

Hi! So this weekend has been great! On Friday me, my boyfriend and his brother were finally able to play Cube World alpha! We had been watching  gameplay of it all week, and on Friday we were able to by the alpha version yourself :D

Since it's just the alpha it's still developing, and some bugs, but still a lot of fun, and everything is so cute! :D Here is my and my boyfriends character:
I'm a watermage elf, and I also have a collie as a pet :D

My boyfriend also made a video, were he's showing some gamplay and some of the bugs we found.
Please like and comment his video :D

And this is a powerleveling video :)

On Saturday, me, my boyfriend and his brother went for a little trip to Sweden to buy cheap soda and candy :D It was great weather and we had a really nice time. When we got home, we ate some delicious burgers and played computer games together :D

On Sunday me and my dad went to the town I'm hopefully gonna study this fall, and looked at the apartment I'm gonna live in. My room wasn't that big, but ok, and the kitchens, bathrooms and the livingroom was nice. I'm gonna live there with 7 or 8 people I think so It's gonna be crowded. I'm a little nervous about my future roommates, but I really hope they will be nice, and that I'm gonna have a great time :D

Today I'm playing Animal Crossing NL, Sims 3 and watching some awesome animes, which I will write about quite soon.

See ya!

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