Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finish with all of my exams!!

Today it was the big day with all the singing exams!!
I was so nervous, and I felt really sick this morning for this :S

Hopefully it went great, and I stopped being nervous the moment the concert started :D
Here are some photos my pretty nervous boyfriend took:
(Sorry for the bad quality :S)

 I sang, "Cabaret" from the Cabaret musical, "Funny Honey" from Chicago the musical, "Den fyrste song" which is a norwegian folktune, Fever and "Takeda no komuriuta" a japanese folk song.
 I got a lot of compliments of my acting on Cabaret, fever and funny honey, and some started crying on the folk-songs :S:P                          
After the concert I had to say thank you to everyone who had helped me with this, and give them flowers:
 These are my lovely classmates which played and sang with me on "Takeda no komuriuta"
 This awesome man played the piano for me on, three of the songs. He's just a funny man xP
 And I had a some kind of speach for my singing teacher, and gave him roses :D Gonna miss him :'(
 After everything my father came running down to me, with tears in his eyes, and gave me a big bearhug! :D

So the gread was between 1-6, were 6 is the best, and I got 5!!!!
So, the same as B I think :P
 I was so happy, 'cuz I have always gotten 4's on my mock exams :)

 After I got my grade, me and my boyfriend went for a little ride,
 and found a restaurant to celebrate :D
He bought a big plate of kebab and chips for me and now I'm really full and tired :D

I'm just really happy right now, and even though I have some days at school left, I don't have to think about grades or exams anymore! :D



  1. You look lovely! And I'm sure you were amazing <3

  2. Du så jo helt nydelig ut med den svarte kjolen <3 Gratulerer så mye med overstått eksamen og en kjempebra karakter! :D Skulle gjerne hørt deg synge "Den fyrste song", den er så fin ;3

  3. Gratulerer med en 5'er, det er jo kjempe bra!!


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