Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Animal Crossing

As I told you I bought a 3DS and the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf! 
The silly thing is that I didn't notice that it was the release day, and after that it has been sold out everywhere here :S

Sadly I only know one person who has the game, but today I actually met two people with New leaf by Streetpass on my 3DS :D So that was really fun :D
So about the game. This is just a kind of game that I love! Relaxing, but exciting, with several activities and mini games :D

Here is me and a friend of mine taking the boat to the island :)

Here is my house :) 

And some of my house inside :)

So one thing that I don't like about the game is the real-time effect. I understand that it's some of the charm of the game too, but for me since I'm gonna play this game mostly in the summer break, and don't have the time for it when school starts again, I have to use time travel...

I know some people see that as cheating, but as I said, I wan't to play the game so much as I can while before school starts again, cuz I know that I won't be playing that much then.
(As happened to Animal Crossing Wild World, since I bought it in the middle of this season, I didn't have any time to play it :S)
And since I only time travel, one day at a time, I don't go very far, and I alway write down the time I quit playing, some I can start where I quit after a long break or so ;)

So a great tips to earn money, is to go to the island, and catch bugs around 7 pm or later, and sell it in the Re-tail shop :)

If you want to add me as a friend, so we can play together, my friend code is:
And if you want to visit my town by dream suite, this is my dream code:

I also really recommend reading guides for this game, to do most out if it, and a Playlist I have been watching now, containing 78 videos, is Lin&Ko's gameplay of the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: New leaf
Sadly the just finished posting their gameplay of New Leaf, but I really recommend you to watch them.

I really hope some of my readers are playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf too,
and good luck :D


  1. I LOVED Animal Crossing on Nintendo Game Cube, but the later games didn't get to me the same way. Thinking about saving up for a 3DS though, so maybe I'll give this game a shot (; Tell me what if you think it's any good!

  2. I love the Animal Crossing games, but unfortunately I don't have a 3DS :( I'm thinking of buying one though, but it seems like such a waste for just one game XD New Leaf looks like a lot of fun and so cute!


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