Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Animal Crossing

As I told you I bought a 3DS and the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf! 
The silly thing is that I didn't notice that it was the release day, and after that it has been sold out everywhere here :S

Sadly I only know one person who has the game, but today I actually met two people with New leaf by Streetpass on my 3DS :D So that was really fun :D
So about the game. This is just a kind of game that I love! Relaxing, but exciting, with several activities and mini games :D

Here is me and a friend of mine taking the boat to the island :)

Here is my house :) 

And some of my house inside :)

So one thing that I don't like about the game is the real-time effect. I understand that it's some of the charm of the game too, but for me since I'm gonna play this game mostly in the summer break, and don't have the time for it when school starts again, I have to use time travel...

I know some people see that as cheating, but as I said, I wan't to play the game so much as I can while before school starts again, cuz I know that I won't be playing that much then.
(As happened to Animal Crossing Wild World, since I bought it in the middle of this season, I didn't have any time to play it :S)
And since I only time travel, one day at a time, I don't go very far, and I alway write down the time I quit playing, some I can start where I quit after a long break or so ;)

So a great tips to earn money, is to go to the island, and catch bugs around 7 pm or later, and sell it in the Re-tail shop :)

If you want to add me as a friend, so we can play together, my friend code is:
And if you want to visit my town by dream suite, this is my dream code:

I also really recommend reading guides for this game, to do most out if it, and a Playlist I have been watching now, containing 78 videos, is Lin&Ko's gameplay of the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: New leaf
Sadly the just finished posting their gameplay of New Leaf, but I really recommend you to watch them.

I really hope some of my readers are playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf too,
and good luck :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

☆ Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

This one is kinda silly, but it's actually a t-shirt I bought about six years ago.

I love this one so much, and it really makes me sad that it's so worn out. 
The motiv is so cute and I really started loving it, when I got into Fairy-kei <3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Outfits and graduation!!

Hi again after almost a week of absence. Now I'b here again, and now my summer break has began! :D
 but first in this post I will show you some outfits form the past few weeks :)

This is from the end of may actually :P but I really liked this chilled "geeky" look :D

This is a cute and fun outfit I wore the Friday after my singing exam. I love my new skirt, which is Bodyline, which I bought from a friend of mine :D

This was a simple outfit from June 11th, you can see that my hair, is starting to go crazy:S

Last Wednesday was the first time I wore a wig and Lolita for a long time! I was so much fun, and I felt so classy when I went to watch an Opera in this outfit :D

 I wore this outfit a little bit on Friday and to a party on Saturday, and I think this wig was so wonderful when I braided it :D


So okay... last week where the last music exams, and we had our last day at school, except for the poor students who had oral exams, to work on. I was just chilling out this week, visited my dad, my mum, and went to watch the Dido and Aeneas opera, cuz my class where working on it for two years ago too! :D It was fantastic!

On firday I went to my boyfriend, but first I was downtown, and look what I bought!!!! :D
I had and old Nintedno DS XL so I exchanged it for a coral nintendo 3DS! I got the entire box, and it seemed really unused, and I only had to pay some for it. I then went to buy the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!! I'm so addicted to it, and it's so fun! :D
So if you have a 3DS and Animal Crossing, please be my friend

 On saturday a classmate of mine had a little party for us music students graduating, and it was really fun, buut... On monday was the big day! In the morning I went to be an audience for my classmates how had an oral exam in "Production" where they had to make a concert, by a theme. Then In the evening I dressed up in my Bunad and whent to school again for the graduation ceremony!

(Photo taken by my dad)On the photo you can see me shaking hands with the principle :P

And after that, the entire class went to a classmates house, and we had a big graduation party, with LOTS of food and fun :D

So now it's a little sad that I actualy don't go in the same class as my friends anymore ;( but we have a long summer, and I do have some plans for me and my friends already :D

Have a nice day<3

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