Monday, May 27, 2013

My weekend

Hi guys :D
So if you haven't seen the final result of my tattoo jet, here it is :D

 On friday I had a exam in Music History and Analysis, and it was really heavy, but I think it went okei.
In the evening I went at a wedding dinner for some of my family.
I was pretty nervous for wearing black, but fortunately others were wearing black too, so no problemo :)

The wedding dinner was so simple and cute, and the new married couple was so adorable ;D

On Saturday I dressed up and went to my boyfriend to celebrates his stepbrother confirmation :)
Look at us being adorable :3

I was actually wearing a simple Lolita outfit :O :D
They had made so much delicious food, and I ate so much I felt sick afterwards :P

Yesterday and today I have been trying to study for my Norwegian exam, but I just fall asleep for every sentence I read xP I have also finished the first season of Glee, and I will continue to watch the other seasons too :)

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